Asset Protection

Why Use an LLC ?

Stan and Brian discuss a couple of strategies for using Limited Liability Companies.


Special Needs Planning

Special guest Whitney Wilson explains the basic planning concepts around using Trust to plan for the care of a Special Needs family member.

Tax Show with John Winslow

Stan and Brian discuss the Tax Reform Act of 2018 with special guest John Winslow CPA with Baldwin CPAs.

Disability Insurance

Stan and Brian talk about the importance of Disability Insurance.

Asset Titling and Beneficary Desingnations

Stan and Brian talk about the importance of making sure your assets are titled properly and having your  Beneficiary Designations updated.

Basics of Estate Planning Documents

Stan and Brian discuss the basics of each of the documents that make up an Estate Plan:  Will, Power of Attorney and Trusts.

Basics of Life Insurance

Stan, Donna and Brian compare different types of Life Insurance and the positives and negatives of each type.