Wealth Distribution

The shows in the Wealth Distribution page, we discuss a variety of strategies for creating a consistent dependable income in retirement.

Wealth Distribution Strategies

Brian and Stan discuss a variety of strategies they implement during the phase of life when a couple is retired and now needs their life savings to provide income to support their lifestyle throughout retirement.

Role a Mortgage Plays in a Financial Plan

Stan and Brian discuss the impact your mortgage plans in a Cash Flow Plan, whether you are in the Wealth Creation Stage of your Life of Wealth Distribution Stage.

Accessing your Retirement Assets

Stan and Brian talk about the different way in which you can get access to your assets that are in your Retirement Plans.

Using Annuities for Income Planning

Stan and Brian discuss Income Planning and how to use Annuities to produce dependable predictable income for some portion of your Income Plan.

Cash Flow in Retirement

Stan, Donna and Brian discuss what makes up a Cash Flow Plan in retirement and different strategies used to construct a Plan.

Basics of Annuities

Stan and Donna Rosenthal and Brian Ramsey discuss the basics of Cash Flow Planning and strategies for using Annuities in that plan.